Striving for Nonprofit Excellence

1098047_701588636523903_868406439_nAttended a West Dallas Chamber workshop today on volunteer recruitment and management by Gina Parker of the SPCA of Texas. The SPCA has grown tremendously in the last ten years and has a lovely new facility that is helping them further their mission even more.

What strikes me about them–and about every other nonprofit that is able to grow over the long term–is that they are all committed to excellence.

What does that mean? It means always looking toward improvement, incorporating the best practices of others, broadening the constituency, increasing volunteer involvement, learning new technologies. In short it means never being satisfied with the status quo or thinking long experience has made you an expert on everything. Things are changing all the time.

We as nonprofit professionals have to always remember that there are so many groups where individuals can donate their time and their money, and that they, like us, want to be associated with a place that does things well. We want to be that place, and constant self-assessment is the way to get there.