Thanks for your interest. My interest is in connecting people and organizations: helping people find the resources they need to do their best for their organization.

OneĀ useful qualification is my broad knowledge of Dallas and north Texas: people, neighborhoods, places. It’s been my privilege to work within a variety of circles over the past 20 years, so I’ve come to know the architects, the developers, the conservationists, the neighborhood activists, the Realtors, the preservationists, the politicians, the naturalists, the musicians, and the other extraordinary people who make things happen here. But my ability to quickly assess existing conditions, and collaborate on strategic solutions, is equally important.

My interests and expertise lie in sustainability: how to use resources most efficiently for the long term, whether they be funding or energy-related.

I’m always available to consult with you. Just get in touch, by email or by phone. And look here for some examples of how I can help.