Nonprofits and Data Management and Fundraising

Nonprofit data managementI do a fair of work with small nonprofits and it’s amazing to me how many of them continue to use–almost INSIST on using–multiple silos for their donor/volunteer/event records, particularly when there are many free or low-cost options for integrating it all. It’s almost as if they feel as though they’re being good stewards of their resources by spending immense amount of staff or volunteer time entering and managing data. They’re not.

Here’s a great blog post from Guidestar that was published this morning, to which I fully subscribe. It has always been true, and is becoming more and more important, that nonprofits really know their stakeholders and their relationships. My feeling is, you can’t cultivate if you don’t integrate. So take the time–or have an ad hoc committee take the time–to look at your systems and your data and bring them into the 21st century.